Charity Boxing

NOV. 19, 2021
6:30pm the ever-mighty
41 Broad St., NY, NY


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Why We Fight...

Our little non profit has raised over 1.8 million dollars in the last seven years. Approximately 40% of this amount has gone to great charities such as the wounded warrior project, the Gary Sinise foundation and Hope for Warriors and the balance after expenses for our shows has supported our at youth risk development program which includes and annually summer camp for approximately 40 young people annually. You can see our program at - Gleason’s Give A Kid A Dream charity.

Meet Nalo Herrara

Our wonderful Nalo Herrera came to visit us today during his very busy graduation week. Amazingly Nalo completed his associate’s degree at the age of 17 (66 college credits). Nalo interviewed with us almost 4 years ago at the age of 13. His mom brought him to us after he was robbed of his tablet by an older male, the experience left Nalo fearful of older men and he withdrew from life, got into fights often, things we often see in our applicants.


Nalo’s mom, a single parent, hoped our program would teach Nalo to defend himself and that he would build confidence through boxing when in fact what he got out of the program was so much more and his visit today was a heartfelt thank you and the kind of thing that keeps us pushing on in our effort to help kids in their formative years.

During our visit we asked him some questions about what he experienced in the time he spent with us; what if anything did he learn and was the program helpful to him?

“Strange as this sounds I got a second family, as an only child with mom working to make ends meet I was able to get out of the house and go away and be at a resort with my friends (speaking of the Gleason’s Fantasy Boxing camp for successful participants and the friends he made with the other participants), I Lost 40 Pounds! The Math tutoring got me through math class at school. I learned that Anger and Fighting don’t go together, as counter intuitive as that sounds, you cannot think when you are angry and you make mistakes trying to fight in that state of mind. Paul Anthony and Devon Cormack taught me that, Teresa Arca taught me how to manage toxic people in my life: shut them down before I get upset and angry.”

Nalo wants to be a reconstructive plastic surgeon “I want to help kids that had accidents” we are certain he will achieve this. Can he defend himself? The big man certainly can. We are immensely proud of you Nalo and you are the person we hoped you be and more..



NOV 21


41 Broad St, New York, NY 10004

To continue to bring the most exciting and interesting Boxing events to you. We are passionate about giving to great charities and plan to share the love for the great sport of boxing while raising charitable dollars as we do so.

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Boxing brings health and challenge to your life. As Lovers of the sport and the boxing lifestlye, Fighters4Life is way for us to share the experience of boxing in a main event while raising money for amazing charities.

We are a group of former boxers, trainers, accountants and motivational speakers that work to bring the best out in you.

At first our Charity Boxing events where held to support Gleason's Give a Kid A Dream's Inner City Youth Program for At Risk Kids WWW.GAKAD.COM. Participant demand for shows increased making it apparent that we could do so much more.

Today Fighters4Life supports: 
• Cancer Charities - Primarily Improving Quality of Life for Cancer Patients • Parkinson’s Charities - Improving Mobility of Parkinson’s Patients Through Boxing Training • Veteran Support Charities - Wounded Warriors, Semper Fi Fund,Gary Sinise Foundation,Hope For Warriors • Dog Rescue and Adoption Charities • Other At Risk Youth Programs as well.