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Mardi Gras

41 Broad St., NY, NY


**THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2020**


Gleason's Give A Kid A Dream Inc. program helps some deserving kids with guidance through boxing. 

Sanctioned by USA Boxing

Novice bouts 
Looking for boxers with less than 3 bouts. 
16 oz. gloves available 
Ages 19 - masters division 
Developmental bouts available
(3:1 minute rounds: no decision) 

Organization will create a direct link for donations to be made online. Donations are tax deductible.

$500.00 deposit is required until you hit that amount on your custom made donation link. 

All Proceeds Go To 

Below are images from training for our last event...
Free Training & Sparring On  Wednesday Nights

Wednesday nights at the world-famous Gleason's Gym are when our warriors are holding training and sparring sessions. Here we see two of our fighters, John V. (left) and Perry D. (right), immediately after going for a couple rounds. The Wednesday night training, which all our fighters are invited to and encouraged to attend, is led by a number of our pro fighters and pro trainers. For anyone who wants to learn the sport, it's truly a hidden benefit to this process being able to get expert guidance from some of the best in the game.

Paul Anthony (right), a highly touted pro prospect (and Golden Gloves winner), is one of the coach's of the program and trains our charity fighters. Here he's helping prepare William K. to go into the ring and spar. There's just nothing like getting coached from pro's who are at the top of their game. Imagine signing up for a charity tennis tourney and having Federer there to give you pointers?


Perry D. and Anthony M. having a goof around just getting out of the ring after sparring. One of the fun things about our fights is getting to watch newly minted amateur boxers who decide to give back get better and better. There's nothing quite as satisfying than watching yourself begin your evolution mastering a complex athletic skill and especially when it's all about giving back to the community around you.

What we want you to know about your participation...

Know that we know you are a rock star for having the strength and determination to participate and fight.


That we understand that fundraising is at times difficult and that you feel you are putting stress on people by asking for their support when in fact many are happy to have a venue to help others, they just need to understand why they should and that they should feel good about even the smallest amount of giving.


We expect you to spread awareness of the many disregarded youth we help, they are young people that are by and large disposed of by society and their family; if we don’t care who will?


That many of our participants are referred by well-funded programs that send their participants to us as a last resort and because they could not help them.


We know you know why boxing helps these kids or you yourself would not box.


We expect you to hit your promised fundraise.

What happens if we feel you don’t care enough to spread the word and try?

We place you in the opponent category which means you will be asked to participate in the training sessions and in a bout only if a participant that did try to fundraise needs an opponent.

What to do?

Ask friends and family for support and speak of our fundraiser on your social media, this raises awareness and fills the night with attendees.

This Is Your Chance To Have An Impact


Our events give everyone a chance to give something back. Whether you're a fighter or a trainer, a supporter or a stranger, you have the chance to put your money where your mouth is when it comes to having an impact on the lives of those who may be less fortunate.

This event's proceeds will go to Gleason's Give A Kid A Dream charity. They help inner city youth in their formative years.  They work to instill confidence through boxing training, tutor to help with school work and provide a safe haven for our participants. Their goal is to help make participants champions at life!

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