Fighters 4 Life Terms and Conditions

Injury Clause

In consideration of your accepting this entry, I hereby, for myself, my heirs, executors administrators and assigns, waive and release any and all rights to any claim I may now have or might in the future have against and for hold Fighters 4 Life and its officers, directors, employees, agents, participants and representatives (“Fighters 4 Life”), United States Amateur Boxing and any sanctioning local boxing committee of USA Boxing (“USA Boxing”), gyms with which Fighters 4 Life has a contractual arrangement, and all sponsors, event organizers, and venue owners or the officers, sub-committee agents, representatives and assigns of these entities, forever harmless from any loss, injury or damage, action or cause of action suffered by me during my participation in any event sponsored by, and or arising from traveling to and/or returning from any of the aforementioned entities. I agree to abide by the rules of Fighters 4 Life. I fully understand that I assume all risk and responsibility for any loss, injury or damage that I may incur in this boxing event and/or the training for said event. I understand and agree that medical, or other services rendered to me by or at the insistence of any of the named parties is not an admission of liability to provide or continue to provide any services and is not a waiver by any of said parties of any right or rights hereunder. I certify that I have had no injuries to my hands, neither fractures nor broken bones, within three months preceding the dates of this entry form, and no other injuries to the head, concussion, fainting spells, and will notify Fighters 4 Life officials immediately should any of these or any other injuries or conditions be experienced in the future. I certify that I am aware of the physical demands and hazards of training for and participating in a boxing match, and that I am physically fit and will train sufficiently for participation in this event. I also understand and appreciate that participation in the sport of boxing carries a risk to me of serious injury, including permanent paralysis or death. I voluntarily and knowingly recognize, accept, and assume this risk.

USA Boxing Medical Rules for Female Boxers

I certify that I am not pregnant, or have any pelvic discomfort such as symptomatic endometriosis or other causes, abnormal vaginal bleeding of undetermined causes (Etiology), recent loss of menstrual period (Secondary amenorrhea), recently developed breast mass, recent breast dysfunction previously not present or surgical breast implants (breast implant release available). I further agree that I will immediately notify my trainer, and Fighters 4 Life if any of the above described conditions should develop and/or apply.

Right to Determine the Suitability of Participants in Fighters 4 Life Events

Fighters 4 Life, in its sole discretion, may determine who is suitable to participate in any event organized by Fighters 4 Life, and/or organized by any partner/affiliate of Fighters 4 Life.

Termination of Participation

I certify that I am aware that Fighters 4 Life has the unfettered right to terminate my participation in the Fighters 4 Life program at any point, at the sole discretion of Fighters 4 Life. I understand that Fighters 4 Life will seek to put me in a match or matches where I have a fair opportunity to succeed, and that if deemed by Fighters 4 Life that my opponent is not suitable or is injured that Fighters 4 Life will in its sole discretion make an effort to find me a replacement opponent.

I further certify my understanding that if my participation in Fighters 4 Life is terminated at any time for any reason, I will be held to a portion of my fundraising minimum (see "Fundraising" section below) as set by Fighters 4 Life, depending on the date of my withdrawal and according to the schedule below:


• -Should I withdraw in Month 1 of my entry to the Fighters 4 Life program, marked by the 2018 New Fighter Orientation, I will be held to 20% of the Fundraising Minimum as described in the Fundraising section below;
• -Should I withdraw in Month 2 of my entry to the Fighters 4 Life program, I will be held to 30%of the Fundraising Minimum as described in the Fundraising section below;
• -Should I withdraw in Month 3 of my entry to the Fighters 4 Life program, I will be held to 50%of the Fundraising Minimum as described in the Fundraising section below;
• -Should I withdraw in the 4th and final month of my entry to Fighters 4 Life to the program, I will be held to the full Fundraising Minimum as described in the Fundraising section below.

Finally, I understand that if my participation is terminated due to serious medical injury occasioned by-or during-training that prevents me from being able to compete in Fighters 4 Life and that is evidenced by documentation by a physician that is provided to Fighters 4 Life, I will be released from the fundraising commitment scheduled above.

Boxing/Competitive Fighting Experience

I certify that I must disclose to Fighters 4 Life any and all of my past boxing or competitive fighting experience, including any and all professional or amateur fights, and the aggregate time I have trained in boxing either with a private coach or at a boxing gym. Fighters 4 Life strives to match potential fighters based on equal experience, skill and training and any failure on my part to disclose any past boxing or fighting experience could result in my immediate disqualification from participating in Fighters 4 Life, that all monies I raise will not be refunded, and I will still be liable for the fundraising minimum owed to Fighters 4 Life.


I certify that I understand that my training schedule is determined at the discretion of my boxing trainer and myself. I understand that the training lasts for a period of four months (or less) and will culminate on event night, the date of which will be disclosed by Fighters 4 Life to me.
Signing Up Does Not Guarantee a Fight I certify that I understand that signing up to participate in the Fighters 4 Life event DOES NOT guarantee me a fight. I also understand that a proper match must be found for me. Fighters 4 Life in their sole discretion shall determine what does and does not constitute a proper match fee.


If I am not accepted to fight, I will be refunded my $500 deposit. If I am accepted as a participant, I agree to a fund-raising goal of $2,500.00 (the "Fundraising Goal"), and a $500 fund-raising deposit (the "Fund-Raising Deposit") which will be guaranteed by my credit card and refunded only if I either can't be paired to fight or I meet the Fund Raising Goal, which benefits various charity organizations. This may be done via my personal Fighters 4 Life fundraising page, cash/check donations and matching gifts. Upon acceptance as a participant, I will provide Fighters 4 Life with credit card information, valid through July 2018, to guarantee the fundraising minimum. I understand that all Fighters 4 Life team members, regardless of entry source, commit to the fundraising minimum and to the credit card guarantee of the fundraising minimum. The due date for my basic commitment is the day of the event. I understand that any balance due to reach the basic commitment will be billed to my credit card the following day, and that no advance credit, adjustment, or reversals at a later date will be made for fundraising deposits posted to my Fighters 4 Life fundraising web page after the basic commitment due date.
I certify that all monies raised through participating for Fighters 4 Life are non-refundable.

I grant permission for the use of my name and picture in any broadcast, photography, video, or other account of this event. After acceptance into the Fighters 4 Life event, I agree to provide a current or recent photograph of myself upon request from a Fighters 4 Life official. In addition, I agree to inform a Fighters 4 Life official prior to any interview, press release, article, or any other media outlet that I plan to promote or use the Fighters 4 Life name and/or logo.

USA Boxing Passbooks

All participants are required to register, process and attain, or renew, their USA Boxing Passbook prior to the event. I understand that the following materials are required by USA Boxing to apply for my passbook:


• -Complete Application

• -Application fee

• -Photocopy of birth certificate or passport

• -Headshot (2 passport size photos)

• -Completed Physical form signed by doctor (for participants 40 and older)

• -Completed EKG and eye exam (for participants 45 and older)

• -Completed USA Boxing Medical Certificate form by fighter and physician (for participants 40 and under)


Fighters 4 Life will provide the following equipment for the night of the fight:


• -USA Boxing certified headgear (a limited number are available to be shared by participants)

• -Groin protectors (a limited number are available to be shared by participants)

• -Gloves

Participants have to bring their own:

• -Mouth guards (cannot be red, hot pink, or orange)

• -Hand wraps

• -Boxing Shoes

Participants are required to purchase any equipment that they need/want for training. Participants are allowed to use their own equipment on the night of the fight if that equipment meets all specifications of USA Boxing, and is deemed appropriate for competition by Fighters 4 Life.

Out of Pocket Expenses

I certify that I understand that there are some out of pocket expenses related to participating in the Fighters 4 Life program. I agree to pay all of these expenses without reimbursement from Fighters 4 Life or any other entity related to Fighters 4 Life. The out of pocket expenses include, but are not limited to: • -Any boxing equipment purchased for the use of training that will be kept by the fighter • -Mouth guard (cannot be red, hot pink, or orange) • -Boxing Shoes • -Personal training sessions • -Gym memberships

Drug Use

I certify that I understand and agree that use of performance enhancing drugs, steroids, or any other substance illegal for athletic competitions, is strictly forbidden, will result in my immediate dismissal from the Fighters 4 Life team, that all monies I raise will not be refunded, and I will still be liable for the fundraising minimum owed to Fighters 4 Life.